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>>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> explosion at a nuclear power plant in japan, radiation possibly leaking at this hour. crews are scrambling as the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami rises. >>> another big story, new details about a brutal attack at a shopping hotspot, the clue that could help police hunting for two killers on the loose tonight. >>> we'll begin with the looming nuclear threat in japan, a third explosion rocking a damaged power plant. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. more than 2,400 people confirmed dead, thousands more missing as rescuers continue sifting through debris. fox 5's laura evans is following the developing details from the newsroom. >> while people on japan's east coast deal with the death and devastation the new clear threat grows tonight. you mentioned the latest explosion at the fukushima nuclear power plant and tonight officials suspect a container may be damaged. radiation may be leaking. one woman who lives near the plant said it's like a horror movie. this is perhaps one of the greatest catastrophes this country has kno
>>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> fox 5 is working two big stories tonight. japan in the grips of a nuclear crisis. crews are racing to prevent a meltdown at a nuclear plant while hundreds of thousands of quake and tsunami victims struggle to survive. >>> but we begin tonight with a major shakeup in d.c. city hall. mayor gray's chief of staff out. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. the move comes after weeks of scandals including revelations of overpaid staffers. fox 5's wisdom martin here to explain what this means for the city government. >> mayor gray said he requested and accepted the resignation of chief of staff gerri mason hall. he said they discussed the resignation over the last several days and in the end gray says the distractions with the personnel matters were overshadowing the government's work. chief of staff gerri mason hall is out. the mayor says he's known her 20 years and she is an outstanding professional but when it came down to it -- >> i think this issue around personnel eventually became a huge challenge, numero
this is fox 5 news at 10. >> testifying new developments in japan. one of the troubled reactors catches fire. tonight, another desperate plan to try to keep this from becoming a full meltdown. >>> closer to home, heart wrenching moments for the family of a woman murdered inside a bethesda store. new details about the clues that could lead police to her killers. >>> we're going to begin tonight with devastating new developments in japan. good evening, everyone. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. we're in the news room now monitoring those constant changes in japan. laura evans is with me with what's unfolding at the fukushima plant. >> if this couldn't get worse, a fire at one of the reactors, they believe is causing the release of radioactivity. >> how is the government responding? >> they're increasing the radius. they're telling anyone within 20 miles of the plant to seal themselves indoors to try to avoid any exposure. >> this means everybody that was already nervous is even more on edge. >> not only are they dealing with the radiation scare, they're also still dealing
on japan. cars and homes swept away by a violent wall of water, now help is on the way. >> for our japanese friends whatever assistance is needed. >> and as rescuers scramble to find survivors, another danger looms. fox 5 is covering every angle of this disaster. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. in japan it is now noon on what will be a very long day. the death toll stands in the hundreds. we'll continue to rise -- will continue to rise. rescue aides are rushing to survivors. >> there has been a state of emergency declared at two nuclear power plants. massive evacuations are underway as workers struggle to prevent meltdowns. fox 5's roz plater has our coverage tonight. >> reporter: radioactive levels have surged to about 1,000 times the normal level and some 14,000 people are being told to evacuate and they're telling people as far as 16 miles away to stay indoors. daylight and the devastation is in clear focus, massive fires spill spewing thick black smoke into the sky and there is trouble at two nuclear plants about 170 miles northeast of tokyo. the qua
story in japan, the new threat that is escalating the crisis at a nuclear plant. >>> plus a judge comes down hard on a driver responsible for this horrific crash. the courtroom drama next. 22 >>> it's a heartbreaking story. 3-month-old sarah uraqway was run over and killed by her mother's car in prince george's county this morning. sarah's 3-year-old brother and mother were also hurt in the freak accident on mont peel ya drive and laurel. the mother pulled -- montpelier drive and laurel. the mother pulled the car in the driveway and forgot to put it in park and the car rolled over the child. >>> four children lost their mother when a driver who was on drugs slammed into their car in southeast d.c. last year. today the judge hit that driver with a 20 year prison sentence which is unusually long for manslaughter cases. fox 5's john henrehan reports. >> reporter: the crash happened on alabama avenue in southeast washington last april. a mother and her four children were riding in this toyota camry when according to witnesses the driver of a white speeding van crossed over the double yell
tonight in japan. the search for survivors continues as the death toll climbs. now there's a struggle to cool nuclear reactors and atomic power plants after friday's earthquake and tsunami. as if the destruction and loss of life wasn't bad enough, japan is trying to cool down the racketers. i'm will thomas. >> this is the third day and the situation remains critical as the melt down fears loom and aftershocks continue. here's the update from japan. >> reporter: a potential nuclear disaster threatening japan. officials say one racketed reactor has possibly melted. authorities in japan have been using sea water to cool down two reactors at the facility, after friday's earthquake and tsunami damaged the cooling system. the government has evacuated about 200,000 people in the area. >>(translator): it appears the gauge is not showing the water level is rising, despite the fact they continue the sea water injection. >> reporter: this, as another nuclear facility reports problems. an emergency was declared at the power plant. there's also a report the cooling system at the third nuclear plan
tactics the u.s. and japan are using to prevent a disasterous meltdown. >>> there's evidence that radiation from the nuclear disaster in japan is now reaching the united states mainland. meantime crews in japan are desperately trying to reconnect electricity to that tsunami battered fukushima nuclear complex to prevent a meltdown. fox's david piper has the latest. >> very low levels of radiation are now being detected in southern california believed to have come from the troubled fukushima nuclear power plant in japan. many experts had expected radioactivity to reach u.s. soil sometime this week, but maintained it would dissipate to levels that pose no threat. the environmental protection agency is sending additional radiation monitors to the west coast to keep tabs on future levels. the news comes as the nuclear regulatory commission announced they will conduct a comprehensive review of all the nuke plants in the u.s. one energy executive says he welcomes the review. >> we have confidence that were we to have something even beyond the regulatory framework we are well positio
that distacks. both at&t and t-mobile agreed on the plan. >>> the disaster in japan having a ripple effect on the american economy tonight and hitting a state deeply in trouble already, a gm plant in shreveport, louisiana will shut down because it does not have the parts it needs to continue manufacturing. those parts come from japan. the mayor of shreveport is hopeful, but this means at least layoffs in the near future for employees. >> we're a manufacturing facility. we like to come to work and build trucks. that's what we get paid to do and that's what we like to do. >> well, it's not a good thing. when good things happen, it ripples through the economy. same with bad things. >> as production is halted in louisiana, the work in japan is far from over. we're devoting our entire fourth segment tonight to a look at what's happening in japan now, the look ahead and a look back at an unforgettable nuclear incident in the united states. >>> having a tough time getting a doctor's appointment? how about connecting with them on facebook? >> these days we do everything on facebook it seems. frie
the program to us. >> sure. >>> signs of progress in japan, the big steps taken as workers struggle to save a crippled nuclear power plant. >>> plus rumors running rampant about another big earthquake, this one much closer to home, separating fact from fiction. >>> but first new competition for the ipad. neil cavuto has your business report. >> more businesses in the u.s. getting slammed from this disaster in japan. delta airlines is cutting back its nights to devastated country l dell -- flights to the devastated country dell take saying it's cutting revenue up to $400 million more violence back east pushing oil back up to 104 bucks a barrel. to wall street the dow down 17 points, meantime shoppers hitting stores last week, retail sales up 3% compared to the same period last year. some improving weather helping to improve those numbers and consumers clearly loving the bargains, dollar general's profits more han doubling last quarter, the town the -- than doubling last quarter, and research in motion trying to take a bite out of the apple ipad. the playbook price tag starts at around $499,
norton, thank you for coming in. >>> the death toll in japan has now topped 9,800 tens of thousands are still missing. nearly two weeks after the devastating earthquake and tsunami residents continue to ration food and water amid fears of an ongoing nuclear crisis. tests now show tokyo's tap water is safe for babies to drink, but the city has imposed limits on bottled water purchases trying to prevent hoarding. meanwhile two workers are recovering tonight it after stepping into contaminated water -- tonight after stepping into contaminated water at the plant in fukushima where radiation has been leaking. >>> a strong show of support here at home in the nation's capital for the earthquake and tsunami victims. dozens gathered for the event tonight stand with japan sponsored by the national cherry blossom festival. they started early tonight at the sylvan theater near the washington monument and walked around the tidal basin. the fundraiser was held with the disaster victims in mind. >> the blossoms are a symbol of the eternal friendship between the
in japan following the quake and tsunami. search for signs of life, but unfortunately the team did not find anyone alive. and now japan struggles to prevent a nuclear meltdown. there are new concerns over radiation detected in some food. japan deals with the massive aftermath. >> government officials say radiation levels in spinage and milk from farms near the troubled plant exceeded the levels. there are also trace levels of radioactive iodine. none of those tests so far indicate any health risks. crews are having some success at the nuclear plant. successfully attaching power cables to reactors one and two. helping to restore power to the pumps used to cool the overheating nuclear fuel. if they work, it could prevent a nuclear meltdown. officials with the international atomic energy agency say the most troubled reactor, number three, is stable now after fire trucks spent hours dousing it with water. the u.s. embassy is still helping americans get out of the battered island nation. >> i'm very respectful to the american embassy. i have mixed feelings leaving friends and family in sendai.
, virginia, in japan to teach english in eight schools not far from sendai where the quake hit. she was supposed to come home in august. her family is asking for privacy. meanwhile governor bob mcdonnell is calling anderson an example of american selflessness and sense of duty. >>> the race to stop a nuclear meltdown in japan continues as crews try to cool exposed reactors. we're getting an idea meanwhile just how expensive the damage from the disaster may be. fox's be. >> reporter: more than a week after earthquake that paralyzed japan, an amazing rescue, a teenager and his grandmother pulled from the rubble after nine days. more than 12,000 are still missing. the death toll up to 8,800. smoke is seen rising from the plants in fukushima. >> the overall situation of the fukushima plant remains very serious. >> reporter: plant officials say it could take weeks to get the cooling systems back up and running, but if and when they do, it should only take about a day to get the complex under control. as the japanese struggle to get the upper hand, more and more residents are fleeing the
to have you. >>> an update on the disaster in japan. heartbreaking images of mass burials of families of earthquake and tsunami victims lay them to rest. it's custom in japan to cremate the bodies of the dead but crematoriums are struggling to keep up with the death toll and some centers report operating due to a lack of fuel or history. the threat of fuel and water shortages and dangerous amounts of radiation are looming here's the latest. >> reporter: the united states military is pitching in with efforts to get crucial fresh water supplies to the north end of the island and the u.s. navy spent two naval bargeetes loaded with 525 gallons of fresh water and the air force spent 500 tons of bottled water aboard six c-130s to sendai and for people desperate to get their hands on uncontaminated water and the u.s. forces in japan are based some 20 miles west of tokyo and they feel as much wrapped up as japan's citizens -- citizens. >> our hearts go out to them and we agree with those who have lost everything. >> reporter: at the fukushima plant, the levels of iodine in the seawater at 1,2
oversight committee. what happened to nukes post japan safety in america? what happened to arab intelligence, why we don't know what's going on in lybia and we can't control it and we're about to go to war, by the way, in a matter of hours probably, with lybia, what happened to the fact that we have two wars that we're fighting instead of a targeted intelligence operation? those are -- you know, fenty is starting to look pretty good. he hired people like rehh and lanier who ran great -- rhee and lanier who ran great departments. those are looking pretty good compared to what gray is doing. >> i don't understand why this is classic. bob is taking us off the track. he wants to talk about the japanese nuclear problem. >> that's the job of this committee. >> the job of this committee is first and foremost to safeguard the money and finances of the american people. you ask bob. the subcommittee is are the hearings appropriate. not only does he not answer it, he starts talking about the middle east. it reminds me of the clinton year. >> jack believes they are. thank you both for coming in tonight.
.s. congress. >>> the disaster in japan is going from bad to worse. new aerial images of the fukushima nuclear plant show the extent of the damage. workers discovered new pools of radioactive water looking from the complex today and radiation levels have now soared to the most alarming levels since this crisis began. the power company also detected plutonium in the soil outside the plant but says it does not pose a health risk. >>> the situation in japan is also impacting us here in our region. trace amounts of radiation have now been detected in the air and rainwater in maryland and now we understand virginia is stepping up its testing. what's the latest? >> virginia normally does this testing but decided since other areas are finding it to go ahead and move their testing up just one week as an abundance of precaution. virginia is sampling for air and testing milk, testing vegetation as well. that's the same sort of thing maryland is doing and again maryland finding this trace amount of radioactive iodine 131 in rainwater it said in one sample in baltimore and that was after it had already sa
on the levels in our back yard. >>> japan rattled again. it's monday morning there, and hours ago, another strong earthquake hit. a 6.5. that triggered a tsunami advisory. thanks for joining us at 10:00. i'm will thomas. no reports of damage or injuries. the epicenter was in the same spot where the 9.0 earthquake was centered. spike in radiation levels inside the troubled fukushima complex. there is new footening into the newsroom tonight. a top official insists the situation has partially stabilized. but the numbers were so high, the worker measuring the levels withdrew before taking a second reading and there's still a danger for people living nearby. >> people living here would receive the maximum annual dose in about a few days, four days. that is really unacceptable. people should be evacuated from this area. >> it's not clear how long workers were exposed to the high levels of radiation or how long the levels have been as high as detected today. >>> meanwhile, worries tonight in california where a ship that left the port in japan three days after the devastating quake and tsunami now
>> new fears in japan in the wake of a massive earthquake and tsunami. nuclear power plants might be on the verge of a meltdown as the search continues for thousands still missing. >>> and first, a still- developing story. murder in the heart of downtown bethesda. two employees at an upscale clothing store terrorized, one killed. investigators think it was a robbery that turned into a sexual assault and a murder. i'm will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh. the scene of the crime, the sportswear store is on busy bethesda avenue. moments ago, we learned the name of the woman killed in that attack. >> this is a photo from the company website and police identified her from arlington. >> police don't know who is responsible and there is little information available. >> reporter: good evening, will. this is a very active crime scene. look behind me here. investigators are still in the store at this hour going over clues. here's the thing: murder in bethesda, two words rarely use head in the same sentence, which is why this is a shocking turn of events. crews are asking how this could happen o
from the disaster in japan. they're forcing it to cut production at the north american factory. honda has plants in ohio indiana, alabama and canada. >>> only one city hittinger home prices washington dc. the nation's capital the only one with an increase in january compared to the previous month. >>> gas prices up again the national average hitting $3.59 a gallon, jumping nearly a quarter in just the last month. and that has pe understandably holding onto their cash. consumer confidence way down, more than we've seen in a year. >>> the dow is up 81 points on the day. >>> and powering up your ipod with yourself. scientists developing a tiny chip that uses the body's movement to generate power from walking, to breathing. your electronic gadget could soon be juiced up by you. that's business, i'm neil cavuto. >> a grieving new york family is suing facebook, the city and fire and emergency responders. their daughter, caroline whimmer, was murdered in an apartment in 2009. an emergency medical technician took pictures of her body and posted them on fac. he was later fired and whimmer's fa
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